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>> THURSDAY, JULY 4, 2024 - Country Music Night <<



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Kyle Fields was born in Greenup, Kentucky.


He began playing country music at age 12 when his grandmother gave him his first guitar, then moved to Nashville to pursue his dreams at age 22.


Since moving to Music City, Kyle has released two albums independently and performs regularly in Nashville, along with dozens of other cities across the U.S.


Kyle grew up on the sounds of traditional country music and fell in love with the genre because of the storytelling and instrumentation of fiddles, steel guitars, and telecasters.


He is currently living outside of Nashville, continuing playing live music and in the process of recording his next album. 

Some of the artists he has opened up for recently include Kid Rock, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Travis Tritt, Brantly Giblert, Diamond Rio and Clay Walker.

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